Client satisfaction, quality service and organisation structure have been the cornerstone of Aegis FSI from the beginning.

This has allowed us to become one of the first recruiting firms in Europe to be recognised with an ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work®

Our main strength is our team.

We strive to create a sustainable and positive work environment where everybody can feel at home and diversity is the key, because we know that excellence starts from people.

This constant work to care about our employees’ needs and expectations has been awarded by Great Place to Work® Institute, a global research, consulting and training firm whose aim is to help organisations identify, create and sustain great workplaces.

Aegis Human Consulting Group was ranked as one of the best small workplaces in Italy for 2018.

Codice Etico

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics reflects the core values of Aegis Group and includes the principles that define our identity, that guide our conduct and inspire our choices, from strategic to operational ones.

Aegis Group and all its employees are committed to make it their own and to apply the principles contained therein.

Towards all stakeholders all Aegis Group employees mustt


Operate in compliance with the law and professional ethics, avoiding behaviours that may harm the Company or undermine its reputation


Develop and maintain relationships based on credibility and respect of the commitments made


Use extreme care in handling of the information processed, ensuring that they are not disclosed to third parties unless authorized


Ensuring greater access to information to all interested parties, rejecting any form of concealment or deception


Manage your business efficiently and achieve the objectives effectively combining knowledge and experience gained


Operate always consciously and, if necessary, account for their behavior and choices to the Ethical Committee of the company


Pursue their goals repudiating all forms of religious discrimination, political, sexual, ethnic, registry


Expressing objective rating based on facts avoiding any kind of prejudice and preconception

Conflict of Interest

Avoid potential conflict of interest situations in which your personal or family economic activities and tasks covered in society are such as to interfere with or affect the ability to carry out their work impartially


Fulfilling their duties in accordance with corporate policies and procedures, to have a positive impact on the image of the profession and of the Company